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15 year of experience in metal parts manufacturing industry, Spring making, Laser Cutting, Precision Stamping, CNC bending, CNC milling, CNC turning, Threading, Riveting, Drilling, CNC Punching, Die Casting, Laser Welding, etc.


Huiyang Spring and Metal Parts Co.,Ltd Is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City. Canton Province, established in 2008, our company has Several Categories of  Metal Parts lines:

Metal Wires: Spring manufacturing, welding, Bending

Metal Sheet: Stamping molding die cutting, CNC Laser Cutting and Bending, cnc shearing, punching, drilling

Metal Rod: cnc turning, cnc shearing, threading, drilling

Metal Tube:  cnc bending, threading, drilling

Metal cube: cnc milling, cnc turning, threading, drilling

Mold and molding: Plastic injection molds die cutting and molding, Aluminium injection molds die cutting and molding, Zinc injection molds die cutting and molding

Treatment: polishing and etc

With advanced metal processing equipments, we have the ability to design, develop and process various types of metal parts. we have our molding making team, its better to control quality and shorten production time. We export products to USA, Australia , Asia, etc, products are widely used for auto, furniture, bathroom, accessories, toys lamps, medical equipment, kitchen, accessories and so on.